Heavy Metal.

Helical coil wire rope isolators that provide the best defense against shock and vibration.

Our isolators and isolation assemblies are used to protect the most critical equipment belonging to various defense departments.  We work with the world’s largest contractors to provide comprehensive solutions that support the survivability of end users and their data.



Ground Shelters
Weapon Loaders & Mounts
Mobile Generators
OHV Seat Mounts
On-Board Computing Systems
Vehicle-Mouted Rack Systems


Naval Rugged Electronics Enclosures
Ship Deck Isolation
Turbine Engine Vibration Attenuation
Weapon Discharge Vibration Attenuation
High Energy Battery Trays & Cabinets
Pumps & Compressors


Radar & Sonar Systems
Navigation Systems
Targeting Systems Recoil Buffers
Critical Rotorcraft


It’s our job to defend your systems from shock and vibration damage.  Our engineering experience delivers the highest quality helical coil wire rope isolator available on the market.  Mechanically fastened to withstand the great fluctuation of temperatures sustained in the field, our products attenuate at every altitude, on subs and satellites.

Isolation Dynamics Corp. is sought after by the largest defense contractors in the world, having supported over 150 programs in our 22 years of experience.  We continuously aim to improve, and take all of our partnerships with our customers as opportunities to learn about how to better defend critical equipment.