Aerospace Transportation Protection Solutions

IDC’s high-load, high-capacity rope isolators and isolation assemblies set the industry standard for aerospace and defense applications. Our isolator designs use premium-grade steel and retaining bars to protect and support avionics equipment for nearly any aircraft or defense system type.


Aeronautical equipment requires consistent protection, whether on the ground, during loading or in flight. Wire rope isolators are practical, high-performing solutions against shock and vibration in the aerospace and defense industries. These aerospace isolators act as stabilizers and buffers against potential hazards in challenging environments.


At IDC, we offer an extensive selection of off-the-shelf solutions for nearly every application in the aerospace and defense industries. Our knowledgeable engineering team has experience developing tailored solutions, including launchpad shock and vibration isolation systems, passive isolators for space equipment and vacuum-compatible solutions.

Without adequate protection, excessive vibrations cause fatigue and parts failure for spacecraft equipment. Vibrations in space vehicles can also significantly increase noise levels while causing power and energy loss to equipment. Aerospace equipment vibration isolators and assemblies are among the most effective solutions for delivering superior isolation performance in demanding conditions.


Application examples of aerospace vibration isolators include:


  • Satellite or other space equipment transport isolation 
  • Spacecraft and launchpad shock and vibration isolation systems
  • Mechanical dampening and passive isolation solutions for spaceflight
  • Passive isolators for space equipment
  • Vacuum-compatible isolators



In fixed-wing aircraft, excessive vibration can cause significant damage in multiple areas. Besides causing fatigue and discomfort for passengers and crews, vibration can shorten the service life of instrumentation and expensive avionics devices. A high vibration environment can also threaten critical engine components, including exhaust systems, vacuum pumps, supply lines, and more.


Rotary-wing aircraft are even more complex and face increased risks when exposed to extreme vibration. Increased noise, control and stability factors require comprehensive isolation solutions. IDC offers an extensive selection of stock and custom aerospace vibration isolator options to protect all types of aviation equipment in the harshest environments. 

IDC offers a standard line of vibration isolation solutions for the aerospace industry and can also custom engineer designs to meet your exact aerospace isolator specification.

Some of our most popular rope isolation products include:

  • M Series: Our M Series isolators feature rugged, fail-safe construction for a versatile, cost-effective solution.
  • SB Series: The SB Series isolators contain a more compact design with shorter bars to function in a limited space.
  • SM Series: Our SM Series isolators use an S-shaped design that delivers superior support, balance and vertical stability.
  • XM Series: The XM Series isolators have a symmetrical X-shape design that provides vertical strength and torsional resistance for lighter loads.


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