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Wire Rope isolators.

Excessive vibration and prolonged exposure to shock can significantly affect equipment performance and lead to permanent damage. While some isolation methods are limited in their capacities, wire rope isolation uses frictional damping to reduce vibrations while attenuating shock with minimum dynamic travel. Compact, versatile and efficient designs make these isolators ideal for vertical installations, horizontal installations or virtually any other orientation.

IDC energy isolators and isolation assemblies are critical for supporting the shipment of sensitive equipment and foundational vibration attenuation.  Wire rope isolators provide a heavy duty, cost effective solution for protecting precious cargo that often carries extremely sensitive internal components.


IDC offers a combination of superior engineering, extensive product selection and world-class technical support to handle the most challenging energy absorption and vibration isolation applications. Our wire rope energy and power isolators contain helical-wound cables that offer multi-axis installation and require minimal maintenance in a broad operating temperature range. Their versatility helps control vibration, shock, noise and motion all in one system.

These isolation devices work well for a broad range of energy applications, including:


  • Generators and power management isolation platforms

  • Mobile energy systems

  • Rig framework supports

  • Pumps and control systems

  • Data management centers

  • Sensitive gauges and measurement devices

  • Nuclear power stations

  • Wind turbines

IDC can engineer and fabricate a wire rope shock and vibration isolator for almost any application. Our engineering team uses advanced techniques and innovative technology to develop solutions to extend product life by delivering the highest protection levels.


Products we offer include

  • M Series: IDC’s M Series isolators use a helical cable design to combine the best features of other isolators into one versatile, cost-effective solution.
  • SB Series: Our SB Series isolators use shorter bars to provide condensed solutions for applications with limited space.
  • SM Series: The superior balance and support of the uniquely designed S-shaped SM Series isolators offer exceptional vertical stability.
  • XM Series: Our XM Series isolators feature a symmetrically balanced X-shaped design to provide torsional resistance and vertical strength for lighter loads.
  • Special Assemblies: Our engineers can design special isolator assembly solutions tailored to your unique application, including mounting brackets, plate assemblies, weldments, skids, trays, rail assemblies and more.



Much of the world spends little to no time evaluating the consequences of movement on delicate equipment.  Thankfully there are those of us who see the challenge as an opportunity to innovate. 


Drawing from many years in the Military & Defense industry, IDC takes large, complex problems and delivers invaluable solutions through focused engineering.  The use of state-of-the-art methods and software allow our team to distribute your inputs along a narrow scope, analyzing the returning data to determine a tailor-made solution with expert efficiency.

Need An Engineer?

The IDC team is committed to helping you find the most practical, high-performing, cost-effective solution for your specific energy applications. We can walk you through the available custom and stock isolator solutions that best fit your needs. Speak with one of our sales engineers today and let them guide you in the right direction