Wire rope isolators deliver superior performance for industrial products requiring shock protection and vibration control in demanding environments. Without suitable protection, exposure to shock and excessive vibration can affect equipment functionality and cause permanent damage. Although many forms of protection are available, rope isolators are often the most effective because they can function in varying temperatures and corrosive environments.


At IDC, we offer rope isolators and isolation assemblies featuring helical-wound cables that provide vibration control, shock protection, noise attenuation and motion stability in one system. We offer a comprehensive product line to accommodate nearly any industrial application while extending personalized care for product selection and installation.

Our isolation devices perform well in various industrial applications, including:

  • Oversized equipment shipping
  • Medical equipment transportation
  • Robotics
  • HVAC Equipment
  • Drone camera and stabilized photos
  • Construction scaffolding and platform isolation
  • Data management centers
  • Architecture and seismic attenuation
  • Specialty vehicles

At IDC, we can engineer a wire rope shock and vibration isolator for almost any industrial or commercial application. Utilizing innovative technology and advanced techniques our team of highly skilled engineers develop shock and vibration solutions to extend industrial and commercial product life by delivering exceptional protection levels.


Industrial & Commercial isolation solutions we offer include

  • M Series: Our M Series isolators are our most versatile offering, combining the superior features of other isolation devices into a single, cost-effective solution.
  • SM & XM Series: Our SM Series isolators and XM Series isolators provide exceptional vertical strength and stability for lighter-weight products.
  • SB Series: Our SB Series isolators use shorter bars perfect for shock and vibration mitigation applications with limited space.
  • Special Assemblies: Our special isolator assembly solutions can be tailored to your unique industrial or commercial application, including rail assemblies, weldments, plate assemblies, skids, mounting brackets, trays and more.


Choosing IDC for Your Vibration Control and Shock Protection Needs

IDC's engineers offer decades of combined experience customizing isolation systems for comprehensive applications, including those in the industrial sector. We design, test and manufacture our isolation products under one roof, so we can typically deliver tailor-made solutions faster than anyone else. Several examples of our custom solutions include plate assemblies, mounting brackets, weldments, trays and rail assemblies. We aim to provide the highest-performing, most practical, cost-effective isolator solution. Our knowledgeable engineering team can walk you through all the available options to find a system to fit your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more.