Down To The
Wire Rope.

Helical coil wire rope isolators that provide the best defense against shock and vibration.

Our isolators and isolation assemblies are critical for supporting the shipment of sensitive equipment and foundational vibration attenuation.  Wire rope isolators provide a heavy duty, cost effective solution for protecting precious cargo that often carries extremely sensitive internal components.



Generators & Power Platforms
Rig Framework Supports
Pumps & Control Systems
Data Management Centers
Sensitive Gauges & Measurement Devices
Nuclear Power Stations


Railway Batteries & Battery Trays
Generators & Power Management
Seat Support & Isolated Platforms
Sensitive Cargo & Equipment


Drone Camera & Stabilized Photo
Medical Instrument Transportation
Oversized Equipment Shipping
Architecture & Seismic Attenuation
Aircraft Engine Trasnsit Protection
Specialty Vehicles


Much of the world spends little to no time evaluating the consequences of movement on delicate equipment.  Thankfully there are those of us who see the challenge as an opportunity to innovate. 


Drawing from many years in the Military & Defense industry, IDC takes large, complex problems and delivers invaluable solutions through focused engineering.  The use of state-of-the-art methods and software allow our team to distribute your inputs along a narrow scope, analyzing the returning data to determine a tailor-made solution with expert efficiency.

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